Monday, September 17, 2007

Finally! Other people see it too!

Some website made a list of the top 100 actors alive. My boyfriend Johnny Depp made number 12.

That other guy, Brad Pitt, who people love for some reason? Yea, he's number 54!

Full list here.


Anonymous said...

ya.. I dont get the brad pitt thing either. I dont even think he is cute. Did Clive Owen make it anywhere. Now there is a nice piece of man meat! Im a sucker for british accents.

Allison said...

no, clive owen didn't make it, but he should have! i love him too. they also left off christian bale.

Joan said...

No Keanu! I can't say he's a great actor and he tends to let himself go when he's not filming. Still I can pop into the dvd player Speed or The Matrix and be taken back in time!