Friday, July 11, 2008

Warning: Debbie Downer is back.

It's kind of funny how every person in my office knows about my job situation. How? I guess it's all whispers and stuff. Here's the kicker people: I DON'T KNOW ANY MORE THAN YOU DO!

I'm just sick of explaining the little I know about it to everyone who asks me. I'm sick of worrying.

I had an "interview" yesterday and the Man told me that all they were authorized to offer was $3000 a year more than I'm currently making.

Sounds good right? No. There's this:

a) Gas to get from my house to Lenoir and back 5 days a week at $4.50 a gallon for a year: $1800.

b) My current job offers a Longevity check (Christmas Bonus) every year at about $300 for me.

c) I would be paying social security now (which I haven't been doing at my current job). Roughly $2500 a year.

d) My current job usually gives raises every year. EVERY YEAR. Guess how many "raises" the Lenoir job has gotten in the last 3 years? ONE. And that was significantly less than the raises I'm used to getting every year.

e) This sucks.

How can I negotiate for more if he's already told me he's only authorized so much?

Why can't my current job fight a little harder to keep me?

Depressed. AGAIN. Sorry.


KariBeri said...

crap! hang in there and keep digging! Im sure you will find something!

Carmen Eckard said...

I don't know what to comment to help at all. I hope I'll see you tonight, though, because we have a tendency to cheer each other up.

At least no one is leaving job applications on your chair (sorry LoveyH) and you are still employed (unlike me :( ). And, Herb isn't your neighbor. Stay positive.