Thursday, July 10, 2008

I LOVE being micromanaged.

So, how do I bill time to "Filling out job applications and writing a cover letter"?

Who should be paying me to go interview in another town?

What about when I went to feed the cats on Monday during work hours?

I should really not be publishing this, but I am.


Katie Bonk said...

You should most def bill the cog for the job application, because it's their fault that you have to find a new job because they can't go out and get new contracts. As for the cats- were they my cats? Because the cog should pay for that since you were doing a good deed for a fellow employee in need due to a death in the family.

Carmen Eckard said...

I agree about billing the cog for the job application. Who to you bill for your blogging? :)

I miss you.

Joan said...

My boss doesn't care as long as she gets paid.
Yes Beefcake shouldn't miss a meal and needs to be fed.

Lovey said...

Agreed. While you're at it, how about writing my resignation letter? :) I tried to get Katie to do it for me, but she claimed she had to work. HA! As if!