Wednesday, August 20, 2008

10 DAYS!

So it just dawned on me that NEXT weekend is the ASU/LSU game! 10 days until I get to go see Appalachian play some real football again! I've been jonesing!

Katie, Daniel and I went to App's Fanfest last Saturday and had a lot of fun bar-hopping and then getting autographs and watching a scrimmage game. But scrimmage games aren't really very fun. Here are my pics.

My new favorite player is Coco Hillary:
Coco Hillary!!!

Ten more days until I get to see some heart-pounding, gut-wrenching, Tiger-fighting Mountaineer football!

Do I think we will win? No.. I'm not even going to kid myself here.

Do I think we will score some points? Hell Yes. We have that in us, for sure.

Do I miss Corey Lynch? :(

In ten days, I'll be here, sweaty and happy and having a grand time (I Hope) between a whole whole whole lot of LSU fans:


Lovey said...

jealous! but enjoy!!!

Joan said...

During kick off returns we love to yell "Go Go Coco"

P.S. Please wear sunscreen @ LSU.

Allison said...

Joan- I've picked up some SPF 80 and told every one of my friends that are going that they MUST remind me before we leave the hotel room to put on sunscreen. :D