Monday, August 25, 2008

Is it Saturday yet?

Seriously, I can't think about anything else but the football game on Saturday.

This is crazy because I have a few good things coming up this week. Wednesday and Thursday are my last days in Lenoir, and we may or may not be celebrating with a trip to Boone to Mellow Mushroom..

Thursday is my office's fantasy football draft, which will be fun. Jared got lucky and gets first pick. :P

But Friday's when my sister-in-law and I leave for Baton Rouge and I'm SO SO SO SO EXCITED that I honestly can't concentrate on anything else. I hope no one expects me to get any work done this week. hahaha.

As If.


1 comment:

Carmen Eckard said...

Your most recent flickr photos totally match your blog. Pretty.

I'll miss you this weekend, but have fun...