Friday, August 01, 2008

Yes, I'm Fair Skinned

It makes me feel good when somebody inspects every single inch of my body and then tells me I look great.

Of course, she's a dermatologist and what she means is, "you have no scarey moles". But still, body compliments rock.

I like to think I've tried really hard to be sunblocked as much as possible this year.

Sure, there was that awful sunburn I got at the Michigan game, but that was the last time I've been sunburnt, and that was Sept 1st 2007.

Since my momma had a melanoma removed from her face 3 years ago, I've been forced into going once a year for skin checks, just in case.

Stacey went two days ago, and I have to agree with everything she said.

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Joan said...

The kids and I are fairly dark skinned I guess. S and I have a lot of moles. I hope C won't but she probably will in time. I get checked annually. S every 2 years. Funny us three use sunscreen regularly. My fair skinned husband uses it the least. He keeps thinking he will tan one day.