Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I would blog more this week...

But honestly I can not concentrate nor think about anything else other than App football this weekend, and Hurricane Gustav.

And I know at least one of you might be sick of that kind of talk..

Next week normal blogging may or may not be back. Of course, I'll have to talk about my trip to Louisiana, and show off pictures.. And then I'll want to talk about the following weekend when I'll be going to the Appalachian versus Jacksonville State game....

Okay, okay. If you want something other than App football for the next few weeks, go read Otherwise, enjoy this kind of stuff:
Armanti about to throw his first pass of the game.

Rob, Joan, Katie, and me, App bloggers.

Appstate on the field

Oh, and I even made "Hells Bells" my current ringtone on my phone. Or should I change it back to "Hi Hi Yikas"?

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