Wednesday, August 13, 2008

There are certain days of the year that make me happier than others, days when I'm actually okay with the concept of getting up earlier than 10:00 am. On these special days I'm actually somewhat happy to be awake and not lying in bed surrounded by pillows and blankets and Jared. These days of the year usually come expectantly, and I gladly welcome them with open arms and say "Hello you glorious day".

When I was young, the first day of school was the most exciting day of the year. These days I looked forward to a month in advance. I would decide ahead of time what to wear, what to pack in my book bag (which was packed up the day after the last day of the previous school year) and who I wanted to be in a class with. Mostly, I wanted to be in the class with all the boys I had crushes on.

Christmas has always and will always be a fun day, but not necessarily my favorite holiday. I like the feeling of family and all that stuff, but I'm usually too stressed out about all the presents and whether everyone will like what I got them.

Of course I love my birthday, who doesn't? I know, I know, I'm supposed to hate getting older (which I do), but I still love that small, special feeling you get inside when you know it's your day and you wish everyone would stop you in the street and say "HEY! HAPPY Birthday!!". Yea, that's me.

Halloween and New Years are also fabulous days for me. Any time I get to dress up in costume or light fireworks, it's a great day for me. This year will be especially grand because for Halloween there is a big football game at APP that I get to go to. And New Years I'm planning on trying to get away with having a good old fashioned throw down.

But there is one more, most special, most awesome day that comes every year and leaves me with a general happy "Sigh" and I sleep better knowing that it is here. That day? Days like today, when I wake up, go outside, and realize the most outstanding thing: SUMMER is almost over!

Yes, most of you already know, summer is my least favorite time of the year. This year was no exception to my miserosity. I've suffered for 4 months of stank-hottedness already and I'm anxious for FALL! Glorious Fall! Football! Leaves! Cool Breezes! It's here!

So, tonight, I will lay down in bed, happy and content, and ready to not sweat. Ready to sleep well, ready to dream of football, leaves, and cool breezes. And perhaps more football.


Sam said...


Alisa said...

Beautiful! I also have days when I love getting up early. Unfortunately, today was not one of those days.

Joan said...

I like football season. I don't like the whole Christmas season. New Year's Eve is good. That's my anniversary. Birthday is good as well as sending the kids off for the first day of school.

KariBeri said...

I love how you are so sentimental! love it! But I can totally empathize with you! Halloween and Fall seasons just energizes me!