Thursday, August 21, 2008

Need More Flair?

So, yesterday I noticed a really cool Facebook Application called Pieces of Flair. It's a corkboard that you can add buttons to! And you can make your own buttons!

I'm a little obsessed and I already have added a whole bunch of buttons. I think I even made about 10 of them! Here's what I've got just since yesterday:

I'm not sure why I'm obsessed with this. Maybe it's because growing up I always liked to have buttons, but never had anywhere to put them and they always ended up collecting dust in a drawer somewhere. This way, I have virtual buttons that don't collect dust and people can actually look at them!

Yay!! To get your own, just go to my facebook and then click the button under my flairboard.


Joan said...

I've spent too much on flair. The Yosef is my creation - probably all kinds of copyright infringements.

Carmen Eckard said...

I added it!