Friday, August 08, 2008


A few simple ways to turn your frown upside-down:

1) Have boyfriend take you out to dinner at one of your favorite restaurants.

2) Drink beer. I suggest Magic Hat #9.

3) Enjoy a treat. I suggest the Peanut Butter Perfection at Cold Stone.

4) Watch a movie at home with your boyfriend.

5) Discuss plans to FINALLY go to the beach in October.

6) Take a six-hour lunch break. I suggest high-tailing it to Boone for Mellow Mushroom, then getting stuck in traffic and almost getting lost when you turn around to go the other way. Hey, at least it's Boone.

7) Have a tasty chicken salad sandwich with cucumbers, tomatoes, sweet honey mustard, and sprouts.

8) Have someone else buy your lunch 2 days in a row.

9) Get NFL tickets to see Buccaneers play.

10) Find out your Mom may be flying to Florida for a couple of days next week.

11) Watch some old episodes of X-Files.

12) Go enjoy a night of the ancient art of karaoke with your friends. And beer.

Follow these simple steps and you, too will have an upside-down frown.


Sam said...

I believe I had Magic Hat #9 for the first time a few weeks ago and thought it was pretty awesome. I was trying to have every beer this place had on tap (like 10) so by the time we left, and this was the last one, so who really knows. I know the tap had a 9 on it, ahahaha. Anyway, Rouge Dead Guy Ale is still my favorite beer of all time, but from what I remember, this was pretty good.

Allison said...

That was Magic Hat you had. Try it again! Like, tonight!

Joan said...

I love the X Files. I watched them during their first run. I hope to hit the Boone 'Shroom in the next few days during my visit. 'Don't have a boyfriend. I wish I was a talented karaoke singer like you.