Wednesday, May 07, 2008

I voted yesterday, twice!

After 2 grueling days of GPSn, last night I was exhausted but I made time to vote twice. First, I voted in the NC Primary election with Jared. It was his first time voting, and he's 25! Gah!

After this and dinner we came home and watched American Idol. My contestant kind of bombed. The sick part is that he didn't do THAT bad. I thought David Cook's first performance was just as bad JC's first song. Don't get me wrong, I like David Cook, but last night he was off. For some reason, the judges HATE Jason and treated him like garbage last night even though he wasn't any worse than their golden boy, David. Unfortunately he forgot a line in his otherwise awesome song of "Hey Mr. Tambourine Man". Of course, the judges were again relentles..

I find this funny considering two weeks ago on Andrew Lloyd Webber night, both David A and Carly Crapson sang the wrong lines in their songs, yet were praised by the judges.

This pisses me off royally. I am honest to God not watching this show anymore after this season. Really.

I voted anyways for Jason last night, even though I doubt it will do any good because unfortunately most people listen to the judges comments rather than thinking for themselves. :(


Sam said...

I didn't bother voting because I knew Barack was gonna take NC by a land slide.

Carmen Eckard said...

oh have to vote, though! i was getting scared because i kept hearing that obama was losing his lead...but i won't hate you for it since he won anyway.

i voted too, but only the one time. but, i love me some bob marley, and i did not think castro's version was karaoke, and it pisses me off that "karaoke" is an insult, because it's just all kinds of fun. xxoo

Anonymous said...

I felt so bad for Jason! I think if the judges werent so harsh with his first song, Jason wouldnt have stumbled with his second.