Wednesday, June 08, 2005

all is well

YAY! guess what!! you'll never guess!! keep guessing!! oh, so close!!! ok ok i'll just tell you, B found my camera!!! yay!!! right where i told him it would be, in the floorboard of his car. i wouldn't have had to stress about it the last few days if he had just done a thorough job of looking the first time! but anywhoo.. sometime next week i will have some marvelous pics of the pool party/cookout from last weekend and some extra pictures from the cowboy mouth show. life is good. although, monday night i did lose at spades.. but i feel i was off my game.. i'll be playing again tomorrow night with that boy as my partner.. hope we can kick some ass, or there'll be hell to pay. i'll kick him! or i'll kick carmen and satterfield! either way. i wouldn't really kick any of em.. i'm just smack talkin.. i can tell you're getting antsy! chill out!! jeez!!

oh and today at five i get to hang out with NICK!! my old roomie!! yay!!! i need to find a picture of him to put up in my flickr! grrrrrr

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Katie said...

Work is overrated.
Glad you found your camera! =)