Monday, June 06, 2005

check it to wreck it let's begin

another awesome weekend.. i really do have a pretty awesome life. i thank my friends for that.. Friday night: Cowboy Mouth show with Katie & Daniel and made a bunch of new friends! saw my old T.A. too, met a new boy (gave him my phone number ;) ) got home drunk and UBER late. (for pictures check out katie's blog and flickr, i'll eventually put some up that i copied from katie, but for now, look at hers)

Saturday: Got up at 9! so tired and hungover, but drove to durham anyways to see b and all them (that dm crowd). had a shitton of fun at the pool party, playing volleyball, grillin hamburgers, light saber battles, learning to play DDR, drinking more, and being with friends, including one old friend i havn't seen in a while. Had a fantastical time.. (will post pictures on my flickr after i clear up the mess from sunday night (read below))

Sunday: pretty cool, got a PHONE CALL from the boy I met friday night (didn't say much, but hey, he called!). Went to see Madagascar with B! and went to On the Border for a yummy build-your-own burrito.. ah good stuff! plus, hanging out with b is always fun.. but then came the crappy part of the weekend: i lost my camera!! i spent all day saturday taking a bunch of fun pictures of my friends, but now i can't find my camera.. i think it could be in B's car, but he's too lazy to look... if it isn't then it's either a: in b's house, b: at on the border (called there, no one has seen it yet), or c: at the movie theater (am going to call there as a last resort) but i'm pretty sure i took it out of my purse before we went into the theater, which means it's prolly in B's car.. if he hasn't located it by friday, i'll have to look there myself..

but if i don't find it, i'll get over it.. it was a free camera anyways.. and well, i'm not a sad enough person to really get upset over it..

plus, my weekend was just too good to worry about these trivial things.. :)

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