Monday, June 13, 2005


isn't that a great word (discombobulated) ?

I played SPADES thursday night with someone other than Dustin!!! we cheated on you!! hahahah!!! what are you gonna do? and i'm writing it in my blog!!!

honestly, he wasn't too good either.. i'd rather play spades with you dustin.. even though you suck at it, he sucked even worse. bad. i lost two games in 1.5 hours. bad.

Well my weekend turned out good anyways.. donated blood on thursday, didn't almost pass out!!

friday me and b went to see the KILLERS!! i got autographs!!! for pics go to my flickr.
too much fun to talk about.. i am SO bloody tired though from all the drivin and swimin and drivin and minigolfin and drivin and drinkin and drivin. (not necessarily in that order).

well at least i'm back in hickory and happy.. but i'll be gone AGAIn next weekend to hang out with my mom. . if any of my back home friends wanna see me this weekend, just gimme a call. otherwise, suckit.

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