Wednesday, June 01, 2005


what a week for resolutions..
sunday with the ex-boyfriend.. and then
monday, with that boy.. you know who you are.

well apparently i talked shit about him earlier in this blog.. who am i kidding, i did.. there is no apparently about it... anyways, he saw it, and was like "if you're gonna talk spades shit about me in your blog.. then blah blah blah" i'm paraphrasing of course..
well anyways i was like "you know, from my perspective, you played me"
and then he explained the truth, which i won't go into too much detail about, for the sake of the boy's privacy, but let's just say, it was good enough..
so now i don't hate him anymore, i may even let him play spades with me again. ok, ok i already did.. twice.. on the internet (yahoo spades). and we won both games! cheated like hell, but won. it feels good to talk these things out. i feel a lot better now and don't feel like i was "played" anymore.. at least he admitted to being an asshole.. it's always good to admit when you're being a bitch or an asshole.. i may have been slightly bitchy to him too.. but i believe i had good cause..

anywho the finished product is two friends who weren't my "friends" before Sunday. YAY


Katie said...

awwwwww... isn't that sweet?! We'll have to talk later so you can share all of the sordid details!
You need to change your settings so that anyone can comment- not just bloggers- maybe said boy would've commented and stood up for himself!

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