Monday, June 20, 2005

water balloons and beer.

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Here's how friday night went.
Started out fun, Andrea and I went to the gym, then grilled some yummy chicken and watched the greatest movie ever (POTCTCOTBP). Then it was time to head over to carmen's.. where Carmen, Satterfield, Brandon and Dustin were waiting, notice how dry Dustin looks.

Then it was time for Beer!

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after mass consumption of alcohol by most parties, brandon and satterfield decided to go downstairs for a minute. carmen, dustin and i went out on the balcony, where dustin decided it would be a good idea to throw water balloons on them when they came out to smoke... only problem is, we had no balloons.. after a disappointed sigh by all, i came up with a BRILLIANT! idea.. why not use condoms? i knew where there were four in the desk drawer. damn, i'm smart. i ran to get them, we filled them up, only there was a small problem.. it was more fun to sling the water filled condoms around at each other, then to hold on to them waiting for the boys to come outside... so..

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yep, that's a condom balloon. first, dustin and carmen had a duel:

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why yes, carmen's "balloon" isn't a balloon at all, it's a cucumber that is well protected.

then, dustin turned to me.. and he got me, for some reason i don't have a pic. he got me with a "balloon", and then with several glasses of water.. i did not like this. so i chased him down in the parking lot, and smacked him in the neck with my "balloon"

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soon after, carmen and satterfield went to bed... and the rest of the story is.. well, wouldn't you like to know? let's just say, i feel much better now.


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Alllisooon goooot sooome....

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