Wednesday, June 15, 2005

This blog is NOT about spades.

ok, i lied. it is. totally about monday night spades. Here's the skinny: Carmen and Dustin (OMG DUSTIN!! HOLY CRAP) against Satterfield and Me. First of all let me just say, Carmen gets the luckiest damn hands of spades that i have EVER seen. That said, the first game they beat us like 550 to 20! it sucked. Really. i contemplated throwing up all over the place for revenge, but i guess since satterfield lives there too, and he was on my team, that wouldn't work. So the only other thing to do was to play again. i had to be talked into it, since it was already 10:15. But i gave in.. (those three have a way of talking me into stuff). So then, it was on..
The second went a lot better. in fact, we were winning the whole game.. but then, i got the craziest, most F'ed up hand i've ever seen in my life! 3 Aces, and NO SPADES! "what the hell am I gonna do with this?", I said to myself. But then i did the only thing i could do, I dropped those aces faster than the Sisqo kid. (Insert Magnificent 7 music here) BAM! ACE! BAM! ACE! BAM! ACE! and it was all good. of course, it wasn't like a game changing hand or anything. we still had a couple more hands to go, but damn, it made me feel good to play them without getting cut!

The point is, we won. we put carmen and especially Dustin in their place. why especially dustin? because he was wearing a carolina blue shirt, and trying to play it off like it was "Sky blue". dork! haha! i have pictures.. but they're still in my camera. eventually i will post them on my flickr.. until then, be patient young paduan.

1 month 1 day til carowinds! yay!


Katie said...

3 days until the beach trip round one!!!

phaupster said...

we should play spades again. i'm commenting on this in december, when we haven't played in a while.

Carmen Eckard said...

We need more game nights.