Monday, November 14, 2005

3 words: Touchdown Tampa Bay!

Man i love football. it can be so emotional sometimes. it can make you cringe, laugh, cheer, cry, jump, yell, scream, punch, high-five and even hug.

the past two weeks my team has officially sucked ass.

but yesterday they redeemed themselves quite well.
granted, the victory was a 1 point victory. but a victory is a victory, especially when it comes in such a sweet way.

b is a redskins fan, has been since birth. since my team was playing his team yesterday, the only appropriate action was for us both to take the day off for the specific purpose of watching the game together. he drove all the way to hickory from durham with a mad hangover but with idle determination. of course, since he is B, he was an hour late. but luckily i have other friends. brian the dj/cook was at Buffalo Wild Wings at 4, so at least i didn't have to sit and drink beer by myself.

the game started at 4:15. i couldn't get anyone to change the channel to that game til about 10 seconds before mike alstott drove in the buc's first touchdown. but i saw it. and called b to let him know :). then B finally got there and emotions started to fly. his team would score, my team would score. i would cheer, then i would sulk. he would cheer, then he would sulk.

finally in the fourth quarter with about 5 minutes left, the redskins got a touchdown to take the lead, making the score 35 - 28. of course, on the next drive the bucs did nothing. but then the skins' next drive was non-producing as well. and their punt was muy terrible. this gave the bucs awesome field advantage. with a nice long 30 yard pass comes the fateful six points. (i'm cheering and standing on the rungs of my stool)

now here's the crunch time. if they kick the extra point, the game will be tied 35-35. if they go for the two point conversion, they will probably win. but the two point conversions are VERY difficult to pull off. very.

so they decided to go for the extra point. blah. but wait, what's this? the damn skins blocked the kick. (i am about to cry)....

wait, is that? no, it is!! it's a flag... and it's on the skins!!! off sides!! i guess when mr. redskin went to block the kick, he jumped a little early!! another shot at victory! (again, i'm standing.. and screaming!!)

this time, gruden decides to go for it. the two points. the game winner....
handoff to alstott (my MAN) and he runs... jumps over.. and... IT'S GOOD!!!!! the refs hold up the unmistakeable touchdown symbol!! the 2 points are golden!

i'm screaming and yelling and hugging and jumping...
and of course then there is a booth review. (stupid judges)..
but since Mr. Mike Alstott was so OBVIOUSLY in, the call stands.

and the bucs win it, 36-35.

poor B, must have been a LONG drive home.

here's a picture of that glorious Alstott, just as he is about to win the game:
Image hosted by

that's why he's my man. Don't believe me? here's a picture of me from 3 years ago wearing his hat:
Image hosted by

i love this game.


Katie said...

Very nice re-cap. Congrats!!!

You look like a turtle in that picture.

Allison said...

hahahaha.. i don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing...

Katie said...

It's a cute picture. Just something about it reminds me of a turtle. I like turtles. :)

phaupster said...

you do look like a very adorable turtle. it's a good thing you have other friends...cause i couldn't even finish reading this blog. no idea what you were talking about. and i was even there for part of it. do you know about thursday night yet? got plans?

Allison said...

i don't know yet.. i just don't know... but i know i'll be seing you wednesday night.. probably.. i'm working tonight and i'll see the schedule..