Monday, November 21, 2005

this week.

this week = looks to be good..
i'm so excited.. only 3 days in the office!

so my brother's ex girlfriend / babymomma is dating... my EX boyfriend from 1998. i dated him when i was 15. isn't that funny? i thought it was hilarious. here's a picture:
Image hosted by
yep, that's him in all his skeezoid glory.. what's that?? fuzzstache? hahaa
this is the guy who owned a 5 foot python. one day when i was at his house, it bit him.. hahahhahaha.. that was one of the funniest moments of my life, and i had to keep it in. dork.

anywho i just wanted to blog to be cool. but i'm too lazy to write anymore.. here's a link to make your day:
this is so gross:

North Carolina's Finest.


phaupster said...

there's too much going on here. let's take it in sections.
1: I'm very excited about this week too. less work, more play is always good, and we'll get the benefit out of the way, which is good. anyone besides allison reading this comment who is now wondering "what benefit" can go to and learn all about it.

2: Which ex boyfriend is that, and was he cuter back then?

3: Baby's Momma looks weird. I don't think I like her dye job.

4: WTF? I don't know where you find your links, but that cat is BIZARRE.

Allison said...

hahaha i told you i find my links from gorilla mask.

that is exbeau number 3 i think.. phillip shook.

he used to live down the road from me when i lived in the trailer park on webb road.

he told me he was the same age as me (15) but actually, he was 13. i only dated him for 3 weeks. when i get home tonight, i'm gonna find the VERY similar picture that i have of Me and him.. if i can. i may have thrown it away.

phaupster said...

so then, he's 3 years younger than her. and she's got a 9 year old? that'll be cute, for this 21 year old kid to try to help raise a 9 year old. maybe they won't work out.

Allison said...

hahaha.. actually she's 5. if she were 9, alan would have been like 15 when they had her. oh and he has his own child to worry about anyways. i can't remember how long ago.. 3 maybe 4 years ago i saw him in walmart pushing a baby carriage with a female in tow.

man, i sure could pick em back them. i forgot to look for that picture.. scraps!