Tuesday, November 29, 2005

with their floppy little heads and their beady little eyes..

ha! take that mr. canada,
mr. "america needs some serious reorganization"
mr. "i could be making so much more money back in canada"
mr. "ooh my name's steve and i'm better than you"
mr. email me saying "i'm home now, come on over and we can cuddle" then email me saying "please ignore the last email i sent you, we'll go skiing soon"

what an ass. i know this was over a month ago, but i still feel icky when i think about canada now.

ok, ok, i still think it's a beautiful country and would love to go back and visit. but not with carmen's canadian coworker.. heheheh i love alliteration.


phaupster said...

Blame Canada! Blame Canada! If it makes you feel any better, Steve's been sulking around here for weeks all down trodden and misreble. Puss.

Allison said...

what a dipshit. they should deport his ass.