Wednesday, November 02, 2005

me... lazy? yep.

ok i've decided it would take too much work to blog about my whole weekend. i'll just give you a few highlights:

*i won $11.00 friday night playing poker
*i got my star necklace back!!
*i had a super yummy steak and cheese with sprouts and pumpkin beer at the shroom.
*i drove approximately 4 hours on saturday. eckgh.
*there were FIVE people at the "costume party" friday night.
*therefore, i won the award for best costume, a check for $25.00 from b, who was so drunk when he wrote it that it says "pay to the order of ALLISON SUHI"
*i drank a little meself
*found out a little about why i thought that the foliage dissed me.
*b fell down a lot :)
*had the pleasure of seeing 60% of my family on sunday, including my mom, stepdad, both brothers, and two nieces (madelyn, and elora).
*got to watch a little FOOTBALL (hell yea)
*buccaneers lost to san francisco. god darn it.
*fantasy team lost. god darn it.
*got to dress like a pirate at the brush monday night. i called myself captain blinkey, due to the eyepatch. i didn't feel it would be appropriate to greet my tables by saying: "hello, welcome to sagebrush, my name is captain red poon and i'll be taking care of you."
*drank beer on monday night at the buff wild wings. after all, halloween is my favorite holiday.
*but have decided that staying out late on weeknights is a BAD idea.
*BOUGHT STAR WARS EPISODE III yesterday. can't wait to watch it!

*am glad i have the friends i have.

*need to start on my christmas list! i'm so f*ing lazy! it's november and i haven't even STARTED on chrimas presents!


Katie said...

ha ha ha!! That made me laugh. Allison Suhi. Captain Red Poon. hee hee hee....

I want to know more about- "found out a little about why i thought that the foliage dissed me."

I even have presents WRAPPED already! woot woot!!!

phaupster said...

I want to know about the same line. Also, I miss you a little (a lot). I haven't even got $1 saved for Christmas. I think I'm gonna get everyone milkduds or something.

Allison said...

ok yall wanna know about leaf (foliage) ?
last year at the halloween party i had the hots for him.. and since i have mad skillz i found out he had the hots for me too. so we made out. and then the next weekend we went out on a "date" friday night.. we went to dinner, and everything was fine.. made out a little more.. now i had already found out from him that would soon be moving to the beach. i didn't see this as a big deal. i've had a long distance relationship before, and it worked. plus, he already lived in raliegh, which was a good 2.5 hours from me anyways. so, the next night after the date, we were all supposed to go down and "walk" franklin street in costume. he was going to be there, we would all be together, fun times... right? wrong.
B talks to kelly (leaf's friend) sometime around 5 pm, and finds out that leaf may be cancelling because he has a "headache". of course, leaf doesn't call ME or anything to tell me about this. NO. so i call leaf and i'm all "i heard you were sick, tru?" and he's all "tru".. .anyways long story short i got the feeling he just didn't like me after all. i felt like after the date he just realized he wasn't that into me. Fine. i can handle that, i'm mature.
so then at the costume party last weekend (a full year later) i was talkint to maksim about the mc chris show, and he said leaf would be going.. i gave him a look.. and he said "what?" i said, "i don't know if i should go if leaf's going to be there.. i don't think he likes me".. maksim said "what? leaf likes you.. he told me a lot of things. most of which i can't repeat. but he told me he really really likes you, but he just can't do the long distance relationship thing.".

so i was wrong apparently... but still... i honestly don't see what the big deal is about long distance relationships. oh well.

Katie said...

That sucks. You can always stay in touch and see what happens- you might live close to eachother one day.
I totally thought you were referring to how lame the fall leaves on the trees were that weekend...

phaupster said...

yeah. i new all about leaf...but the nick name threw me off. i don't like that kid. surprised? it's just that i have really high standards for you...and this foilage character doesn't at all meet them. he blew you off and didn't even have the decency to do a good job of it. screw him.

on a side note...half of the word verification that i have to type to post this is bff...and you're mine. :)

Allison said...

awe.... that's so sugary sweet i can feel my gums bleeding... :)

phaupster said...

i think that's all the halloween candy.

Allison said...

hahaa, anyways about leaf, i'm not holding my breath! he's a little skinny anyways. :P