Monday, November 28, 2005

allison's thanksgiving break.. exposed!

i had a WONDERFULLY awesome break from the rigorously hard work of making maps all day.

-Wednesday night: work at the brush, drive home.. talk to Dr. Boone for approximately 1 hour, making drive really easy..
have nice conversation with brother.

-Thursday day: dinner goes well, and get this: NO DRAMA! for once a comparitively normal thanksgiving.. food: good. family: well behaved. kiddies: adorable.

-Thursday night: back to work. i swear to god sagebrush was the only restaurant open in hickory and therefore every retard that decided to go out to eat on THANKSGIVING had to come into sagebrush. it was SO FING busy. and here's the best part, there were only four servers. that's right FOUR. and it was as busy as a friday night when we have 11 servers. but i got through it.. and ended up making like 60 bucks. i didn't get out of there til 11:30 when we closed at 10 pm. but then i went to C's and we had fun with the gang, and i talked to Dr. Boone on the phone until approximately 4 a.m. when my phone died.

-Friday: get up, do NOTHING, then go help put Gulf Relief Variety Show fliers on people's cars at the crazy way too freaking busy, how the hell did anybody get anywhere parking lot at target/kohl's/best buy.

-Friday night at the brush: DEAD. since everyone came in there on thanksgiving, there was no one left to come back the next night. wtf. but it was all gravy since i was still tired from the night before. plus, i was closing with C, so at least i didn't have to be bored alone. seriously, i made like 15 bucks. on a friday. i had FIVE tables.
then over to B. W. Wings, for a few drinks. talked to dr. boone again... then home..

-Saturday was cool. got up, went to wally world. can i just say that it was the craziest damn place eveR? i was going to go friday afternoon, but remembered that i would be stepping into HELL the day after thanksgiving..
then i got all pretty for the show.
which was outstanding.. carmen and sattercrunk did an amazing job putting together a very fun night.. and they raised money for a good cause. i'm so proud to call them 2 of my best friends... and the best part was that i got to watch it all from the lighting booth with carmen. and i got to do some of the lighting. AND i got to wear a cool headset.. "red five, standing by" was all i could think of... i am such a geek.

then a bunch of people came over to my abode for a little get together. we drank, we played poker, everything was awesome. except for alex, satterfield's future brother in law. he decided to be an ass and turn into a little girl when he folded on a hand that ended up being a great one for him. too bad.. he actually THREW his chips in and said "i don't want to play anymore". what a little bitch.. i can't believe i ever contemplated dating him, and that i kissed him.. that was a LONG time ago though. oh and he's a philly eagles fan. ew.

then i talked yet again to dr. boone. that's when he told me he wouldn't be at my brother's house for football. i was distraught til he told me that i was going to be going over to HIS apartment to watch movies after the game.. this i could deal with.

-Sunday: drove to my brother's to watch football game. boring. boring. the panther's game was so boring. and the bucs lost too. *sigh*
but then.... then.... (sam, i'm sorry, you may not want to read anymore)
then i went to dr. boone's apartment. i was a little nervous considering we had only met the once, at alan's house a few weeks ago, but i've been talking to him everyday since then. i could tell he was a little nervous too. like, he wouldn't look at me.. we eventually decided to put in the amityville horror. ok movie.. could have ended more dramatically though.
during this movie, we sat the official nervous length apart, approximately 8 inches. i kept to myself, mostly, but i did catch him looking at me a few times. he talked some, and was funny. good funny.

then we put in the goonies movie. i love this movie by the way.. the pirate ship gets me. it gets me. and so does dr. boone. this time i decided to be cuddly... ish.. he got up a couple of times to adjust the volume.. each time he turned his back i would scoot a liiiiiittle bit more towards his seat (totally plotted). so by the end of the movie he had his arm around me and i was nestled on his chest.. sigh..

then it was about 8.. i didn't want to leave yet, so i asked if there was a short movie we could watch.. he said, "well, friday the 13th part four is short, but i only have it on video."
-"so?" i replied.
-"well, the only VCR is in my bedroom, so you'd have to sit on my bed, but i'll sit on the floor". puh-lease like i couldn't see through that. but lucky for him, i was game.
-"i'm not going to make you sit on the floor."

well, after about five minutes laying on my tummy next to him on the bed, i decided it was time to be aggressive. i pulled my patented allison move, waiting til he rolled onto his side to talk to me. then, i moved in for the kill-er... kiss.

wow. that's all i'm going to say. wow. this boy has no idea what is about to hit him. i hope he realizes that soon, i will be wrapped around his little finger and likewise. i kept myself innocent though, confineing the situation to only kissing. because i'm a good girl (heheheheheheehehheheheheheheehe). really though i was good.

ok.. enough of that now.. i'll stop going on about dr. boone... except to say this: i feel so good right now, like i've been slapped in the face with a truck, and at the same time drunk. that's good.


Anonymous said...

Oh god, why would I not want to read that? I'm happy that you've found a guy that treats you the way you want to be treated. I wish you nothing but luck with him.


PS: I just realized I don't have to be a member to comment on your blogs, haha.

Allison said...

wow, there ya go.. i've tried to tell you that before..

phaupster said...

YAY! YAY! YAY! YAY! I'm so happy for you!!!!!!!!!!!!! At what point in the movie escapades did I recieve a bizarre phone call? I love you so much, and I am totally happy for you. And the time has come for me to meet this joker. i think i've waited long enough. poker saturday? i think that sounds like a great time.

Allison said...

maybe, but i'm working a double the next day.. i'll invite him. oh and it was definitely after the initial kiss. he was like "so what are you going to tell your friend who texted you earlier?" and then he decided to be weird and call you.. hehehe..

Katie said...

YAY!!! Allison smooched a boy! And now all of Blogger world knows all the details of it... tee hee!

Allison said...

damn it, i'm going to take this blog out i think.. it is a little juicy...