Monday, November 07, 2005

ready to go home and it's only 11:45 am

first of all : the_golden_age_of_piracy_returns.

second of all: chris simms is pissing me off. (tampa bay's quarterback).
how can my team lose to San Francisco, and then turn around and lose again to the panthers. i wouldn't really care except that everyone that i work with in both of my jobs likes to be assholes about it and come up and say some "funny" little remark like: "how bout them panthers?" or "what happened to your buccaneers?" gimme a break. i wouldn't be rubbing that shit in all their faces if my team had won. and that's the truth. i would simply smile to myself. not be an ass. but whatever.

so you know what happens when you fall asleep and won't wake up to go to IHOP with allison and monica? you get served:

hahaha ..

the funny part was the reaction at discovering the stuff all over his back.
he wakes up, goes in the bathroom. scratches his back.. "aw what the fuck?!"
hahahah it was funnier if you were there i guess. don't judge me, you would have laughed.
*sigh* i'm getting too old for this staying up til 7 am on friday nights nonsense.
then sat. i went to a party with monica (who is 19) and there were a lot of boys there. a lot of 20 year old boys.. i felt really old and decided not to drink. good choice i think..

i've decided to quit sagebrush after i save up 3000 bucks instead of 5000. it would take FOREVER to save up five. i've been working there for like 3 months and all i have now is 835. of course, that's because i spend money on friday nights drinking. stupid alcohol.

i'm just going to be a loner for a while. a hermit if you will. stay at home and watch t.v. and not worry about anything.. serving tables, playing poker, boys, booze, sex,.. . all put away. yea.


Katie said...

Funny how 20 is too young when you're 23, but 21 isn't too young when you're 24... They have to be able to buy you a beer!
Best of luck with your hermit plans...

Allison said...

thanks.. it's not like i went there to pick up guys anyways. i had a feeling going in that i was pretty much just there to babysit monica.

phaupster said...

shut the f*ck up. you're not gonna be a damned hermit. and further more...don't tell these innocent people who don't know you well that you wouldn't rub it in if your team won. Big fat liar.

phaupster said...

i realize that my last post sounds men. i love you.

phaupster said...

damn! I can't type. See above. "I realize my last post sounds MEAN." Whatever