Thursday, November 17, 2005

carmen says i need to blog.

carmen says i need to blog more often, but sometimes i just don't know what to say. i've been reading other people's blogs a lot, and i found a survey that seemed pretty cool.. so what the hell i'll do that.. in a minute.
tonight me and carmen are going to Value Village! the best thrift store in the piedmont. i hope to find some goodies! and we'll be going to see my brother. so that'll be good.

i've decided after hearing some things from sampie, that i won't be speaking to cookboy adrian anymore.. i decide this a week ago, but haven't written about it yet. it just ticks me off that he would actually come over to my house (ok carmen's apt. where i was dogsitting) and drink all of my friend's liquor and then try so disgustingly desperately hard to screw monica that he was actually giving sampie "hand signals" to try to get him to "keep me busy" while he tried to scrogg monica.
what a sketchzo.
what a fucking asshole.
i haven't spoken to him in a week and i'm proud of myself. it's difficult because lately he has been working a lot more hours and now for some reason he has been working EVERYDAY the same as me. ass.
ah well.
i got a NIFTY star wars watch from brian the dj/cook. i'm so happy, it's awesome.

ok here's the damn survey:
1. What color are your kitchen plates?
my roommate's plates are a lovely plain white color. i have clear glass plates in storage.

2. What book(s) are you reading now?
i finished my awesome pirate book and now i need to find another.. i have to go to the library soon..

3. What or who is on your mouse pad?
i have a really dinge gateway mousepad... and a dell computer. but at home i have a nifty NASA hologram space mousepad.. cause science is cool.

4. What's your favorite board game?
i like trivial pursuit even though i SUCK at it. and monopoly.. i'm more of a card game type of girl, like SPADES or texas hold em.

5. Favorite magazine?
the only one i get is National Geographic. i like to read the trashy celebrity gossip ones, but i only glance at the covers while i'm in line at the grocery store. i also love reading people.

7. Least favorite smell?
ranch dressing makes me want to throw up.

8. What's the first thing you think of in the morning?
why? why? why? why is it so early? damn me for getting a real job!! damn me!

9. Favorite color?
i love all bright colors.. easter egg green is nice..

10. Least favorite color?
brown.. but is that really a color that anyone likes?

11. How many rings before you answer the phone?
my phone doesn't ring.. it sings.. most of the time it sings golddigger.. sometimes it sings sublime, sometimes star wars, and sometimes MC chris. and it just sings a 30 second sample.. so.... that doesn't really answer the question.. i just let it go til i feel like answering it.

12. Future children's names?
luke and belle. that's the end of discussion about that.

13. What is your sign and birthday?
Taurus, April 30th

14. Do you eat the stems of broccoli?
sure, they're yummy :)

15. If you could have any job what would it be?
movie star! i would love to live the hollywood life.. i could handle it.
sometimes i wish i could be a pirate too.. but not a pirate like they have now... i'm talking about an early 18th century pirate like blackbeard.
i wouldn't mind just being a regular person who lives in a boat all year round too.

16. If you could have any color hair what would it be?
red.. like i already have.. i love my hair color and haven't wanted to change it since high school. sometimes it's annoying to have all the dirty boys and old people be like "i love redheads" but ya get over it.

17. Is the glass half full or half empty?
depends. if i pour it to the halfway point, then it's half full. if it was full but i drank half of it (or if it's beer, i spilled half of it) then it's half empty

18. Favorite movie?
these are too obvious.. pirates of the caribbean of course, star wars, alive, blah blah blah...

19. Do you type with the right fingers on the keys?
of course, i'm not a retard. hahah.. that's mean. but i took the time to take a class in high school on typing with the "home keys".. so should everyone else.

20. What's under your bed?
my bed has drawers under it. one has my receipts and tobaggans (boone alumna)... the middle one has my clarinet and music.. even though i don't play anymore.. i'm so weird.. and the one at the head of the bed, well, wouldn't you like to know. let's just say i like to be prepared.. just in case. ;)

21. What is your favorite number?
520. it stands for E.T. E is the fifth letter of the alphabet and T is the 20th letter of the alphabet. why? because in 8th grade my best freind michelle and i used code to talk about our crushes. Eric Tucker was my crush. after him i never bothered with the code thing anymore.. but i continued to use 520 cause it's a good number .. it just works for me.

22. What is your single biggest fear?
not being a mother..not getting married.... being eaten by a shark (and/or dinosaur) oh you said single biggest fear? why does it have to be just one?

23. Person(s) most likely to respond?
katie or carmen.

24. Who is least likely to respond?
sam, because he reads my blogs, but never comments. :) (don't think that means now you have to comment on all my blogs though, i know you read them and you talk to me about them anyways)

25. Favorite CD?
Beck's Odelay and Bloodhound Gang's One Fierce Beer Coaster got me through High School, Sublime's 40 oz. to freedom got me through college.
but now, i don't know it's a toss up between the killer's hot fuss and the phantom of the opera soundtrack..

26. Favorite TV show?
E.R. and Friends, and now Grey's Anatomy, and jeopardy, and i love scrubs but never get to watch it.

27. Ketchup or mustard?
Ketchup. mustard is only good in moderation.

28. Hamburgers or Hot dogs?
hm... i love hamburgers.. but sometimes a hot dog with mayo, slaw and ketchup and a liiiiiittle bit of mustard can really hit the spot.. but only if it's beef, and sliced longways and grilled on a flattop, like we used to do at the BBC.

29. Favorite soft drink?
uh, coke zero.

30. The best place you have ever been?
santa barbara was pretty neat, ireland was lovely, and the bahamas were happenin. but i could also say the back of a ford F150 on a starry night in june of 2000.

31. The most amazing sight?
this beautiful country of ours from an airplane. nothing beats seeing three mountain ranges in six hours. the vastness and variability of terrain in our country blows me away.

32. What screen saver is on your computer right now?
at work i have no screensaver.. but at home i do the pictures slide show where it goes through ALL of my pictures. sometimes i just watch in amazement of all of my past pictures that i forgot i had. :)

33. Favorite burger?
wendy's. i know that's a boring answer, but their burgers are especially yummy.

there ya go. that should tide you over for a couple days i hope.


phaupster said...

hmmm...most likely to i go. i'm sure katie will follow.

i had no idea why you were always allygirl520. i learned something new.

and this is stupid, but the picture to the left of your flickr pictures is awesome right's because of all the fall pictures. it's this burst of color. beautiful.

you need some pretty plates. whenever you get a house, you've got to take me shopping with you. i live for this stuff. :)WE'RE GOING TO CHINA GROVE!!!!!

Allison said...

yay!! china grove!!

Katie said...

Sure enough- look, here I am! Yeah-it really freaks me out that I used to do the same thing with numbers and crushes!!! That's sooo funny!