Thursday, November 10, 2005

good gravy!

i swear.. sometimes i have the most fuckedupest dreams. if you'll remember, a few months ago i had the freaky (but cool) roesthlisbrady dream. well last night i had another strange dream.. not quite as freaky, more... weird.
carmen was pregnant.... and so was i! the carmen being pregnant part is awesome.. that would rock. she wants a baby, she's married, and she is totally ready.
me? not so much. i mean, of course i want to be a mother.. one day. but not now. i'm single, young, and broke. i would have to quit my job! and move back in with my mother.. ew....
of course, i could enlist the help of the baby daddy, but honestly, the prospect of a shotgun wedding with the last guy that i.... well... let's just say i'd end up on CNN one day for spousal homicide.

although, it would be completely awesome to have a baby at the same time as carmen..

i need a cat!


phaupster said...

Why don't you just let me have a baby and you can hold it. :)
How bout that biological clock!

Allison said...

yea how bout it.
my baby clock is ticking.
but my husband clock fell off the wall and smashed into a pieces.
i could tape it back together if i wanted to. but i don't.

Katie said...

You're married to Humpty Dumpty?

As long as you're not having dreams about me being knocked up, all will be well with our friendship...

Similar topic, yet totally different... I always heard that if you dream about someone dying or being at their funeral, it means they are about to get married.

phaupster said...

that's pretty weird cause i dreamed allison died the other night. i didn't want to tell you, cause i didn't want to freak you out. but i gotta be honest...i don't see any guys on the horizon worth marrying right now.