Tuesday, January 03, 2006

you people are so demanding (new year's weekend: part 1)

where's the new year's blog? where are the new year's picture?
i was there for your new year's but i still want to read the blog!!
blah blah blah
well i'm going to try to blog now, we'll see how much i get done.
ok let's see.. um i worked friday night at the brush.
and for once, i had a pretty awesome night. i didn't have a lot of tables and most of them were shitty tippers, but then around 8 pm i got a table of four people. they looked like average people. Three men, one woman. first thing they do is order some beers and a margarita. then they order shots of cuervo. then they order MORE shots of cuervo and more beer. then more cuervo. they eventually ended up getting appetizers as meals, and then ordering more cuervo. let's just say, there was a lot of cuervo. they were there for a WHILE too. they were fun. in the end, they had 5 22oz beers, 3 cuervo margaritas, 2 bottles of budlight, 4 appetizers and 20, that's right 20 shots of cuervo. 4 people. the cuervo alone cost them $101.00.
we had a contest that night for highest guest check average. meaning, the highest check divided by number of people. they got their bill, and it was $184.00. divided by four that's like 46 bucks a person. i won myself a shirt! booyah! AND since they were drunk/cool, they tipped me 41 dollars! helllll yea.
so that was cool. then we played some poker. this new guy at the brush, named matt, came to play with 3 of his friends. we took 10 bucks from matt, and only one of his friends played, and he ended up winning 5 dollars because carmen was tired and decided to cash out. carmen won 45 bucks.. i came in third, meaning i was the last person to go out. but it's all gravy, i had fun. ended up going to sleep at like 4 a.m.

i'll post some pics of this night later. it's time to go out GPSn again..
weekend story to be continued.


phaupster said...

ypi know i'm all demaning and stuff, but i told you i didn't really care...i was there for the whole thing except what you wrote today...i even forgot to check your blog till almost time to go home. you working tonight?

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Allison said...

thank you!!