Thursday, May 25, 2006


so, i'm browsing around on the internet, looking for info about Pirate Week in the cayman's, (which i'm going to this year), when i came across this picture:


now, i know to most people, this just looks like your average, everyday pirate statue (the one on the right!). but to me, this pirate looks awfully familiar:
a fat free pirate

it's the exact same pirate that b and i saw in the Mutiny Bay MiniGolf in myrtle beach, s.c. wtf? i am compelled to wonder, is this in fact, the same pirate? it looks the same, but it could possibly just be a copy. if it is the same, how did it end up in south carolina from the cayman islands? weird!

i must find out the truth!


phaupster said...

probably, there is a company somewhere that specializes in making pirate statues. i would assume that would explain it. or, there is a huge conspiracy...i'm not sure which .

Allison said...

conspiracy! a pirate conspiracy!

Sam said...

Did someone say conspiracy? I'm so there! In this case I think it would be a "cons-pirate-cy" though, right? Ok, that's my corny joke for the day.

Anyway, you should see if you can find another one of these statues around somewhere, buy it and put it in your apartment. I think it'd look great by the hottub!

Allison said...

that would look awfully good in my dining area..