Wednesday, May 03, 2006

baby love

me and meatwad, May 2nd, 2006.

I took him to the vet this morning and they said he was a perfectly healthy baby boy, other than his cold that he picked up at the shelter. they gave me antibiotics for him. this should clear up the wheeezy/snorty/sneezy noises he constantly makes. poor thing. last night he figured out how to climb up into my bed. then he decided it was play time. on my head. little booger. as a result i got about 3 hours of sleep last night. and when i did fall asleep, i rolled over on top of him twice. nothing wakes you up like a "roew! hiss!" from your five week old kitten. poor thing. :)

american idol sucked last night. it has gotten boring. i'm still loving elliott and taylor somewhat. chris was so boring i got up to use the potty while he was on. kat was ok .. the second song was definitely better. paris .. i missed the prince song, which i had wanted to see because i love me some prince. but i heard it wasn't great. and i saw her mary j. blige "performance". bleh!
paris will go home tonight. yep. that is all.

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Katie said...

BAYYYYYYYYYBEEEEEE!!!!! I love your kitty pics. Toooooo cute. He loves his mommy! He'll just have to get used to you rolling over on him- he'll learn to move.
I'm so over American Idol. I'll just keep up with it from your reviews. See you tomorrow!