Thursday, May 04, 2006

a few random things, because i'm random

could katie's birthday come any sooner!!!! gooosh!!! july 7th will be an awesome day. not only is it katie's, stephen's, and beck's birthdays, but it's also the day that Pirates of the Caribbean 2: Dead Man's Chest comes out! 64 More days!!

here's the longer, leaked trailor (may not last).

next, American Idol, Paris is gone. did i call it or what? next will either be elliott ( :( ) or kat, even though these are the two best. oh well. at least the ford commercial they had last night ended kind of funny with a pimps and hoes theme:

hahaha taylor's shoulder pads crack me up.

i didn't watch Lost last night. but i sure wish i had:

apparently, Sawyer (pant! drool! swoon!) got freaky with some girl. honestly i've only watched this show a handful of times. i always mean to. but i never understand a damn thing that's going on. if they would just show sawyer (pant! drool! swoon!) and jack (rowr!) shirtless the whole time, that would make me remember to watch every week. *sigh* i'm a simple creature.

i'm not the only crazy person to name my kitty kitty after meatwad:
so did this guy.

oh and if you still haven't figured out what the hell a meatwad is, here is a picture:

here's a meatwad explanation.

if you still don't understand.. then i'm terribly sorry. it's a cartoon character from Aqua Teen Hunger Force (a cartoon) on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim. Good stuff. got me through college.

that is all. for now.


Katie said...

um, my birthday is July 8th. Does that mean I'm not cool anymore?
I'm done with American Idol. Have I mentioned that?
Big exam tomorrow. Wish me luck!

Allison said...

damn it. stupid brain.. that means all of your bdays are on the 8th. it's cool that your done with AI. it's boring now anyways. except next week they're doing elvis, so that should be cool.