Tuesday, May 23, 2006

last night

so i had a great time last night!

i went to pick up big pete around 7 pm last night. he has a car, but we just decided i'd pick him up. it makes more sense since we were eating on his side of town. we went to da vinci's for dinner and had yummy yummy italiano food. i love that place. it was nice. we laughed and talked and had a generally nice time. we even spent a good ten minutes making weird things out of our cloth napkins. i made a chicken. it was sexy.

then we went to the movie theater. we got there a little early, so we played in the arcade for a minute:

then we went into the theater. the da vinci code is a pretty decent movie. having never read the book, i had no expectations, and nothing to compare it to. i think that helps. i've heard a lot of people were disappointed because it's "not as good as the book". but since i haven't read it, i thought it was pretty darn cool. of course, it's not like i really paid that much attention through the WHOLE movie. ;) just most of it :)

then i took him home and we talked and smooched a little til it was 1.00 am and i freaked out cause i had to go home. i'm like cinderella. i turn into a pumpkin when i don't have enough sleep.

that's all the deets your gonna get here.

i work with him tonight, so we'll see what happens!


Katie said...

YAY! It sounds like a perfect date!!! He's a cutie!

Allison said...

thanks.. and it was :)

phaupster said...

he is pretty precious!

Allison said...

hey now.. step off ho! (just kidding) :)