Wednesday, May 31, 2006

howdy ho!

ah.. so i've been non-blogging for a few days. my long memorial day weekend consisted of a few things:
-working at the brush
-beer at el paso before working at the brush
-beer at o'charlie's after working at the brush

-working at the brush
-poker at my new crib
-spending time with big pete, who i am desperately trying not to like too much, but it's hard. i found him on myspace too! but his pictures are old and they don't do him justice. to see it yourself, go to my myspace (link to the left) and go the comments section. he's the one who says my page is really weird. :)

-working at sagebrush
-driving to durham
-cooking out some yum-diddily-umptious hotdogs on the grill
-swimming in jeans and t-shirt after 3 red stripes
-getting into an all-out wrestling match with b and eric the mexican over a lifesaver floatation device
-falling asleep with contacts in, therefore having to PEEL them from my eyeballs when i woke up after an hour

-waking up monday to b cooking me bacon and eggs and toast! oh my!
-going to put contacts in and realizing i missed with the right one and it was half shriveled up due to being half out of it's little solution cup.
-resoaking contact to see if it would come back to life
-checking contact an hour later to find it replenished, but with a big tear
-driving home from durham with no contacts in! scary.

took meatwad to the vet yesterday and they gave him a bunch of shots and drew some blood and made him cry.. i've never heard a cat make the noises he was making. it scared me... so bad..
i love my kitty! tonight we're heading over to the bugs so meatwad can meet maggie and buddha!


Katie said...

YAY playdate! I've been telling my babies that they must be on their best behavior, but I don't promise anything...

Allison said...

yea ... your kitties behaved alright.. behaved badly!! they'll get over it eventually

Katie said...

They were all over us last night! They were all lovey-dovey and thankful because the kitten didn't stay!