Friday, May 19, 2006


i can't wait til next friday! i love the x-men movies! now i'm not a comic book nerd or anything. i don't like the comic books or the trading cards, but these movies are just plain great. especially the second one. if the third one is half as good as the second one, it'll still be great. i love them because a: they're the only action movies that keep my attention. b: mutation is cool. c: i always wanted to be a superhero.

plus, hugh jackman looks devine in that tight leather jumpsuit :)


Reel Fanatic said...

Agreed that the X-Men flick is the event of this young summer, especially since Poseidon just sucked balls ... It can't possibly be as good as X2, but here's hoping it comes close

Allison said...

so true! i heard posiedon was going to be bad! X2 was a phenominal movie and i hope i'm not building this one up too much!