Monday, May 22, 2006

so i had another great weekend..

another good weekend! Friday night was the annual Whoopdecog puttputt tourney, with yours truly coming in last again! i rock! but i had a ton of fun trying! i actually got better the later it got! ah well! then the bugs, andrea, and stephen came back to my place to play with meatwad:

my place is SO the new party pad.

then saturday me and andrea went to blowing rock to the green park inn for laurie's (my coworker's) wedding reception! it was a great time. daniel and katie and marshall and ron and big j and little j and all sorts of people were there! we were there til about 10 when we decided it would be a good idea to ride to canyon's. not so much. they told us we weren't allowed to drink. just because i fell out of my seat (after john and ron pushed me)!! bah! so then we went to boone saloon. and had a wonderful time. we took WAY too many pictures, but it's all good. thankfully i didn't take my camera to the bars. but katie did! here's her pictures.

sunday was kind of boring. worked... then did pretty much nothing except go over Carmen's to hang out with her for a while.

but anyways ..... TONIGHT'S the BIG NIGHT! my first official date with Big Pete (this is Jared's chosen nickname, thanks sam!)

i'm so so so excited. we're going to see the da vinci code. my guess is that since i haven't read the book, i won't be able to follow the movie. like i care! all i want to pay attention to is Big Pete. hehehe.

i'll blog you all about it tomorrow. :)


Katie said...

We got kicked out of Canyon's because that dude puked in the bathroom. Daniel went to the bar and was served with no problem!

I'm waiting for the scoop on the Big Date, but noooooooooo. You have to be out GP'N today. Boooooo!

phaupster said...

yeah, well...she was supposed to call me and give me the scoop, but nothing!

Allison said...