Wednesday, May 10, 2006


as far as american idol goes, for katie's sake, i think katharine will be going home tonight. elliott had his best night ever. chris was boring (again) and taylor was alright. we'll see how it goes.

i finally got a good night's sleep last night. why? because i kicked out meatwad. i love the little bugger but he refuses to let me sleep. cats are nocturnal. and even if i play with him all night until bedtime, he's just not tired. you try sleeping with a 0ne pound meatwad pouncing your head all night. i tried moving him off the bed, but he jumps right back up. i figured, maybe if i just keep putting him down, he'll eventually learn. but after 20 times, i gave up. so last night i moved his litterbox and food downstairs, along with his toys and the kitty bed he doesn't sleep in. it was lonely without him, but i know he was fine downstairs. and it wasn't that lonely since i was asleep about .02 seconds after i laid down last night. yes, it was a good sleep, but it was only 8 hours. i need about 15 more. oh, and i kept hearing a weird beeping in my dream this morning. in my slumber, i thought it was a fire alarm. then, my dream self told me it was a weird alarm that goes off once a year to honor some lady who died. i have weird dreams. turns out it was a text message. it had been beeping every 1 minute since 1 am, but i only heard it around 7.30 am because i was THAT asleep. the phone is right next to my bed!

anywho the message was from Jared (i sort of refer to him in the first paragraph here, but just know he's 23, works at sagebrush, is cute and i call him "shaggy") and it said "Just wanted to say Hi"

well isn't that sweet. i guess after i was bitchy to him every time i saw him for the past two weeks, he finally got the hint that i was pissed he never called me. the other night at work, i made him show me his hands. i inspected the fingers, and then i observed, "hey, what do you know? your fingers AREN'T broken."

had an awesome weekend. cinco de mayo was great, just like last year. went bowling and offically sucked. got so trashed i convinced stephen to try and beat me in a ketchup eating contest. i won. then saturday was the first day back at the brush. sucked. satuday night, lisbiz, chris, and nate came to see me! more drinking! and i found out that chris has officially been single for a month now. time to get back to the pursuit! ha! yea right. anyways this weekend, i'm sleeping all weekend no matter what. dammit.

cinco de mayo:
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Katie said...

We're so cute!!! Poor Meatwad. You need to get him a friend to play with so he'll leave you alone and not be lonely during the day. Or, you can just wait 3 years for him to calm down and sleep then!