Friday, May 19, 2006

hey yall

so sorry i haven't blogged much this week. but, well, i haven't really had the much i deem as blog worthy. after the accident saturday night, i have been busy dealing with all that stuff. people keep telling me i should sue and get a bunch of money for "injuries". but i'm not really injured. i was a tiiiiiny bit sore on sunday. i'm a greedy person just like the next, but i feel that the offer of $300.00 for pain and suffering is just good enough for me. i may not believe in much but i do believe in karma. and i'll be damned if i'm going to take another hit below the belt just because i wanted more. i'm already getting 300 bucks more than i had. so there.

other than that the only thing going on is the latest squeeze. his name is jared, but he needs a nickname. you know i like the nicknames.

here's a list of potential bloglike nicknames:
fryguy jared
jazzy jared
hottie-too-trottie (hehehehehe)
brushy jared.
i'm also open to suggestions.

either way, i am so in like with this guy. i've been hesitant to write about this one, mostly because i actually like him and god forbid he googled and found this blog. but also because, well, do you remember dr. boone? (scroll down to sunday)
i was so so in like with him and then things turned sour for pretty much no reason.

i really don't want that to happen again. to be fair though, i think there may have been another reason things didn't work out with dr. boone. i'm not saying this to be vindictive, but i honestly think he might be gay. he definitely has the tendencies and some of the qualities. he's just a little in the closet. and i've accepted that. i just wish he would.

ah well. got a date monday night with the squeeze (jared) so we'll see how things go! i'm so nervous! but happy! there's just something about smooching in the walk-in cooler that makes me giggle like a school girl.


Sam said...

hahaha, you know what my suggested nickname is... BIG PETE!!!

Katie said...

I have to meet him before helping with a nickname... Smooching in the walk-in is fun!