Friday, April 21, 2006

I feel so special!!

Each day, hundreds, maybe thousands of photos are uploaded to Flickr. And each day, the 500 most interesting are put on a special list of interestingness. In september, my butterfly picture made number 187 or something. Yesterday I checked and my lawnmover picture was number 2 for April 16th!!! If that isn't enough, now it's number 1. That is freaking amazing. And since my lawnmower pic is so interesting, my butterfly picture was bumped up to. to number 1. hahhahaa.

Calender view of Lawnmower (the 16th)

Day view

Calender view of Butterfly

Day view


Sam said...

That is freakin' awesome, Allison! Both of those pictures are really great and you deserve the recognition.

phaupster said...

that's so cool! i'm so proud. see you tonight.

Katie said...

Very cool.