Wednesday, April 05, 2006


last night's american idol was INFINITELy better than last week's 90's mess. i am not a country music fan and i didn't know half the songs, but they were still WAY better than last week. ace did better, but still not great. everyone impressed me really, but again, Elliot impressed me the most. if my phone had not died, i would have voted for him.

chris was okay.. but not great. taylor was blah. kellie was kellie. katharine was interesting.. paris was good. mandisa was good. bucky was bucky.. ok i missed bucky because i forgot and had it on another channel. he really is that boring. did i miss anyone?

ah well.

and my brand new dishwasher at the condo isn't draining.. something es no bueno. i gotta call the people today!

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