Monday, April 24, 2006

you know you've had a good weekend when...

you get emailed a picture like this:

I had a long and entertaining weekend. friday night's recital went great. i kick ass on the soundboard. friday night i had a dream that i almost died. i probably would have died in the dream, but the emotion of it all woke me up. then the hail really woke me up at 4 am. strange. saturday me and the soon-to-be-ex roomie got up and went furniture shopping! i got a new bed!!

then we went to the beer festival in downtown hickory. we volunteered, so we got to drink all day, for free. all we had to do was watch the gates. everyone else had to pay 30 bucks. we didn't!! then it started raining, which is how we ended up in the bus stop with the cops. that was awesome. they were really cool cops. i maintained though. i think throughout the day i had about 20 beers. of course, they were small, mini beers so really i had like 6. but that's enough to get me trashed. then to el paso for more beer! then to home depot to buy paint (still very drunk) and blockbuster, where the hiccups attacked me!! but andrea kept me from looking toooo drunk. i think..

what an awesome day that was. then sunday i was supposed to be selling my washing machine to some chick. so i drove all the way out to my storage room and waited for like half an hour and she didn't show up! this morning i got a message saying she couldn't make it. blah blah blah! i need to sell that shit. i didn't let it get me down though, cause then andrea, brian, ace, carmen, and me all painted my condo. it looks hot! and it only took like 4 hours to get three rooms done. so now all i have left to do is move in! sweet!!!

four days to move! and then friday and saturday it's party time.


Katie said...

So, did you ever find out who the best president in Hickory was? Those cops were awesome. It was a good day chock full of beer-soaked fun! yay beer!

Allison said...

the best president in hickory? me.

carmenphaup said...

your condo looks awesome! i can't wait to move in next door!