Tuesday, April 18, 2006

blogging for the sake of blogging

last night i had a conversation with my ex (the good one) on aim. our conversations are always so weird and we usually end up mentioning things like poo or shotput or some other off the wall thing. last night he told me that all of the paint he was using to paint the floor of his wood shop had made him high and he swore a buzzard spoke to him. "what'd it say?" i asked. "vhpit" .. "is that really a word?" then he called me a buzzard repressor. like i said, our coversations are never normal. in august, he's moving to campbell university. it's near goldsboro, nc. it is at least a 4 hour drive from hickory. this is too far. waaaaaaaay to far. i mean, i'm all gung ho him getting a law degree, cause that's amazing. but it's ssooooo far away. by the time he graduates in 3 years, he'll have probably found some chickadee to marry and will move somewhere else far away. this would make me muy sad. but maybe instead he'll just move back to the area and open up his own law firm! then when i get charged with homicide for killing some asshole who never called me back, he can be my defense attorney!! woohoo! he's pretty smart, i bet he could get me out of it.

um. in other news, my 28 year old brother is dating the 17 year old best friend of my step sister. now that's just weird. my family used to be normal.. well.. comparitively. even when he was a crackhead, he was normal compared to this. how does a 28 year old father of a 2 year old end up dating a 17 year old high school student. that's just ickey. i guess it's due to lack of options. this is Ashe County we're talking about. speaking from first hand experience (retard joe, i will tell you about him sometime) dating anyone from ashe county is like pronouncing "hey, i'm a backwoods country bumpkin. you're not my sister, but i'll date you anyways. i may not have all my teeth, but i do have a pickup truck with an extra big cab!"


oh, and he also did the thing where he had both of their names put in writing in the truck's back window.

i don't know how my brother scott ended up so different from my brother Alan and me. and my mom.. and my dad for that matter. oh well.

the easter holiday was fun none-the-less, except when elora decided to act up:
yes, it's my brother trying to run over my dear sweet neice elora with a lawnmower.
please, click on it and view the large size.


Katie said...

I love that picture. And your brother sounds like a hard-core Uncle Creepy. Is he the one on the Swap Shop looking for a roommate?

Allison said...

god i hope not!!!