Friday, April 07, 2006

take me out to the memories...

wow i had an awesome time at the game last night. sure, we lost. and sure, the beer was funk nasty. but that didn't change a thing!! a good time was had by all. the hooters girls were there, to keep the boys from getting bored. and me and katie and andrea were there to keep each other occupied. i got a free tshirt!! i saw plenty of mullets and even got a picture of one!! i saw a saturn sky for the first time in person!! they even drove it around the field. it was so beautiful! i can't wait to get one!
but the best part about the whole night was the fireworks. anyone that really knows me knows i LOVE fireworks. they are the reason why the 4th of july is one of my favorite holidays. nothing makes me happier than staring at the sky and seeing bursts of light in beautiful patterns dotted all over. i know it's cheesy but i get all misty eyed watching fireworks. the best fireworks i ever saw were at disney world.
but the best fireworks i ever sat through were on july 4th 2000. yep, i got nostalgic last night thinking about a boy. THE boy, to be more specific. that fourth of july was wonderful. he was a volunteer firefighter, so he had to be at the fireworks show at the Piedmont Bollweevil's (now Kannapolis Intimidator's) Stadium. That means he brought me along. we sat up on top of his truck and watched the whole show from the roof. it had rained earlier, so there weren't many people there. honestly i don't even remember if the fireworks were great in the sky, but sitting on his truck leaning into his arms was the best fireworks i've ever had. again, i know that sounds incredibly cheesy, but i really did love that boy. and damnit, being at another baseball stadium watching fireworks really made me remember that moment. *sigh*.

anyways.. here are all the pictures from the game.


phaupster said...

aww. i like that adam guy. i'm glad you had fun last night. know what i did? nothing. that's right, nothing. until around 10, when brian came over with his CD! they got one more song recorded and he got the other 2 again. anyway...that shannon girl has his jack johnson cd, which is great news for you because he plays it over and over and over and over until you'll scream. see you tonight, love. around 9:30? i know that won't be real useful, but duties call. xxoo.

Allison said...

yay! it's ok for you to wait til then. andrea will be helping me for a while too. :)