Wednesday, April 12, 2006

killer queen

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so i went home for lunch and watched last night's american idol. i know i should have watched it last night. but i was having fun ;), more fun than i would have had sitting on the couch by myself. so bite me.

let me preface this by saying I LOVE QUEEN. i definitely had to put in a Queen CD when i got in my car to come back from lunch. last week when they announced they would be performing Queen songs, i got VERY excited. VERY. BUT.....

ok. Bucky? Just officially ruined one of my faves, "fat bottom girls". i don't understand why he's still on the show. he's Awful.

Ace. you know what? for the first time in weeks, he ROcked! i really really enjoyed his performance. and fuck those judges if they didn't. i'm sorry but i loved his version of "we will rock you". his clothes were really.. um.. off.. but he sounded great. wish i could have voted. (but still, i had fun last night, so it's ok i didn't vote)

kellie. she has lost all appeal to me. "bohemian rhapsody" is a hard song to sing. i feel like she picked it because she wants to take over the whole damn competition and she's an evil, conniving little skank. but that's just my personal opinion. and what the fuck was up with her bangs? ew.

chris. i love him, but he was B-O-R-I-N-G last night. sure, he has a good voice, but it did nothing to make the song interesting. it was so boring that now, an hour later, i don't even remember what song it was. the song is boring when queen sings it, but a karaoke version makes it worse.

katharine. well.. i don't know. i liked it but i didn't. this song is a reallllly tough one.. but i think it was better than if she would have sang the other one she wanted to sing. can't remember what that was though..

elliot. "somebody to love" is definitely on my absolute loved songs from Queen. Freddie Mercury's voice made you FEel his emotions when he sang this song. Elliot tried. of course, i was a little disappointed when he said he had never even heard the song before. but i'll give him this, he made it his own. it wasn't great, but i still like him a lot. a lot. i hope it's enough for him to stay another week.

paris. eh, it was alright. definitely my favorite of her performances lately. that is all.

taylor. i left taylor for last because i just want to say one thing: Wow!! okay, i finally reallly really liked him. this is the only time i've ever clapped out loud for him while sitting at home. he definitely rocked it. i was hoping somebody would sing this song ("crazy little thing called love"). it was definitely the perfect song for him. if i had voted last night, i might have voted a couple times for him. him and ace.

but alas, i did not vote, and therefore i shouldn't really be saying anything. but i think i have a pretty damn good excuse. of course, i'm not going to tell you what that excuse is. :)

i wish someone had sang "killer queen" as it is the favorite Queen song of mine. but oh well. i would have like to see .. hmm... well no one could really sing this song like Freddie, so i guess i'm glad no one tried.

my prediction as to who will be going home tonight: well, i WISH it would be Bucky. but i'm stumped here. according to past weeks it could be katharine.. or ace. but i hope not.


Sam said...

That's really funny because yesterday I woke up with Bohemian Rhapsody stuck in my head. Then I proceeded to listen to Queen all day long. I wish I had known about this, I might have actually enjoyed watching American Idol for once.

Allison said...

well, i taped it and don't plan on recording over it :D

phaupster said...

ooh good. i need to watch it. have fun last night? wink wink nudge nudge.

Katie said...

First of all, I WISH Ace's clothes were "off" heh heh heh..

hmm.... I thought Ace stunk it up and Elliott rocked. I thought Kellie was pretty good too. She surprised me because I thought it would be really bad. I agree with you on Bucky though- and he's mush-mouthed when he talks. Very annoying. Taylor was good, but he still reminds me of someone with a bad case of tourettes syndrome.

Allison said...

hahaha if taylor had tourettes he would be REALLY scarey. i have this episode on tape so you should watch it, carmen. and you should watch it again, katie and you'll see that ace wasn't that bad.. i mean, compared to usual!!! hahaha!! i guess i just was disappointed with elliot because i know that song so well..

and carmen, yes, i had fun last night.. wink wink.. wait.. is that from monty python? how dare you stink up my blog with a monty python reference~!!! ew!! now i need to wash out my eyes with acid!!

phaupster said...

he he. i was hoping you wouldn't notice! aren't we glad taylor's gone!!!

i'm really nervous about my party tonight. should come to my next arbonne party.

Allison said...

what are you talking about with taylor?

phaupster said...

i meant bucky...just typed the wrong name. sorry.

phaupster said...

5 days and no new blog. tsk tsk. what are you, working on a new house or something? what if i really can live next to you? that would be the diddle de squishiest. that's from my play. it's "a superlative compliment"