Monday, April 03, 2006


man i'm tirrrred. friday was awesome, since i finally closed on my condo!!! it's all mine!!! i'm a homeowner now. my. own. place. i will be moving in within a couple of weeks. all my peeps with trucks are going to *LOVE* me after this :). so far i have spent approximately $600.00 on stuff for the pad, not including paint. paint will come later. first i have to tear down oodles of ugly wallpaper. and let me just say, there are OODles. it took 5 people all day saturday to get 3/4 of the way done with one room. one room. but me and sam went back on sunday and finished it up in a couple of hours. we figured out the easiest way to do it. i won't bore you with the details though.
i still have to unpaper my bedroom, the bathrooms and the kitchen. i think i will definitely wait on the bathrooms and kitchen though. they will be a pain!

and just in case you wanted to know how much fun we had:
make me.
sam, about to stab me with the scraper because he has been forced to do this shit.
thanks sam.. and also brian the dj/cook, and carmen and sattercrunk.

what an icky mess.

good times.

today i am not allowed to use my cell phone. according to rutless i am not allowed to use my cell phone until 7 pm. if you know my digits you should call and listen the recording i left.
hehehe. i am having a fun day so far. i'm tired.

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Sam said...

hahahaha, that picture is awesome.