Wednesday, January 16, 2008


It still amazes me when people I know die of a drug overdose.
I'm still amazed that people are stupid enough to overdose on drugs.
I'm still amazed that people are stupid enough to do drugs that can easily kill you.

Cocaine, Oxycontin and alcohol. Who would be stupid enough to do these all together? There are still these people.

For me, it was a childhood friend. My first best friend's little brother. He was 22. Old enough to know better. Perhaps being in a very popular local band with his brother and 2 of his best friends made him think he was a god. Perhaps he was depressed. Who knows.

I can still remember his first day of Kindergarten. He cried on the bus the whole way to school and the whole way home. For a week. We made fun of him. I don't regret it.

He was pot-bellied as a child and I remember my Nana remarking that he looked like one of those starving African babies.

He loved Ghostbusters and worshipped his brother Zach. You should have seen his hammer dance. It was top shelf, even when he was only a kid.

I hadn't seen him in years and then back in 2004 my brother convinced me to go see his and his brother's band play a show in Cornelius. It was like a little family reunion or something.

He was so sweet and I got no "druggie" vibe off of him.

What a waste. On Saturday night he OD'd and they took him to the hospital and resusitated him and he was in a brain-dead coma until last night.

It makes me sad, even though I barely knew him anymore.
jesse myers of "people"


Carmen Eckard said...

i didn't really know that guy, but wow. that blows. i'm just never surprised anymore about this kind of thing. i feel like i haven't really seen you lately.

Anonymous said...

Man overdoses just plain suck. It amazes me how people think it just happens to other people and not them. Hugs to you!

Katie Bonk said...

:( I'm sorry.

nathan t. said...

Sorry for your loss, I think I may be an old friend of the family. The other day my mom told me that our old neighbor's youngest child died. Can you have his sister contact me please?