Friday, January 18, 2008


Yesterday my office was closed due to the "snow" and since the Brush had pretty much no customers, I didn't go to work at night either. I feel so lazy. I didn't do anything yesterday except buy groceries. I did cook 2 meals, though. Other than that I just slept, ate, and watched tv. I'm such a couch potato!

Tomorrow I have a dilemma. Joan from Southern Suburbia has offered to give me her tickets to the Champions Day at the App basketball game, where I could go and meet a lot of the football players, and get autographs and pictures and such. This would be great, and I'm not sure I'd get another oppurtunity.
The only thing is, they scheduled the Memorial service for my friend for tomorrow from 2 to 4. I have to decide whether I should be a good friend or a good fan.

And now they're saying it's supposed to snow again tomorrow, and it'll be more than this past snow. If that happens, I might not go anywhere. I guess we'll have to see.

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Joan said...

You may end up being a couch potato again- not by choice. I'm sure 2 of the guys in your life wouldn't mind you hanging out with them more. I wouldn't try to make the game if they are forecasting bad weather. It will be worse in Boone than Hickory.
I hate there may be a low turnout to honor our wonderful champions but it is January in Boone - no surprise I guess.