Wednesday, January 09, 2008


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The new kitty in my life.
Saturday night Carmen and I were sitting in the hot tub relaxing after painting my dresser. We heard a "meow"coming from between the hot tub and the brick wall. We assumed at first that it was Cheddar, Carmen's kitty. This is where she likes to hang out, since it's a small space that stays warm due to the hot tub.

Carmen soon realized that it wasn't Cheddar, due to the voice of the "meow". We got to looking, which was difficult because it's dark, and realized it was a new kitty. We coaxed him out and I realized it was a very pretty young Siamese kitty. It skittered back behind the hot tub and I really didn't think much else about it, since the tub is outside and sometimes random kitties like to hang out on my back porch area.

The next day I checked and he was still there, so I brought out some dry cat food and shook the container a bit and out he came. He was skiddish at first, but then he let me pet him. He is so so sweet and he'll let you pet him as long as you want to. He'll rub and you and wind between your legs. What a sweet heart.

Sometime that day, Carmen found a collar behind the bushes next to our condos and thought it might be his, so she called the number on the tag. The lady said that yes, the Siamese was her kitty but that he was kind of mean so don't try to put the collar back on. She told Carmen to just leave the collar on her door knob and to shoo the cat away.

I can't believe anyone would think this adorable, sweet cat is mean. The lady came by and got the collar but I didn't bother to shoo him away. He's a sweety and as far as I'm concerned he can live on my back porch forever. I've been giving him dry food and water.

His name is Max according to the lady, but I may rename him to fit in with Meatwad and Beefcake. Any suggestions?


Katie Bonk said...

awwwe! That's sweet that you are giving him love that his "owner" is obviously not giving him. I do like the name Max though. Does he seem to know it? Might not want to confuse him by changing it. One of these days we will get you a GIRL kitty! ;)

Anonymous said...

Max sounds perfect to me! Im thinking that this cat isnt mean, but mean to the lady that probably was not taking good care of him. This cat knows that you are a good person and rather stay with you!

Joan said...

I like Max,too. You could call him Big Max as a take-off on Big Mac keeping with your meat theme.

Carmen Eckard said...

I think Joan is brilliant. I love Big Max. You could probably even call him Big Mac without him noticing the difference. I wish cheddar would be happy to have a friend instead of pissed that someone is living in her little area.

Allison said...

sweet! big mac it is!