Thursday, January 31, 2008

Yesterday Meatwad made me cry.

I got home from work yesterday after a long day of my eyeballs burning from staring at the computer. I check the mail and casually walk to my front door. I pull open the storm door, which wasn't really shut, and realize my front door is open about 8 inches. I rush inside and see that the house hasn't been robbed and realize I must not have pulled the door all the way shut when I left that morning. I sigh in relief to realize no one robbed us blind, and then I suddenly remember how much Meatwad likes to escape. I look around frantically and yell out for my kitty. I run around downstairs looking in his usual spots. No kitty. I run upstairs, and yes, Beefcake is still safely shut up in the extra bedroom (or else he will bully Meatwad out of his breakfast) so I check my bedroom for Meatwad. I look under the bed, in the closets, and in the bathtub. No Meatwad.

It finally hits me that my Meatwad is gone. I run outside in tears and start calling out for him. I am so distraught that I run next door to see if Carmen and/or Jon has seen him. Jon is home and says he hasn't seen him. He tells me he will put on his coat and help me look and that I shouldn't worry. I am reminded that Meatwad has been out a few times before and has never gone far.

"But he's never been out this long before" I wimper..

So I make sure I am sane and I start at the bushes right next to my front door.

And I walk around it, and look down under the palm plant. And there he was looking up at me.

He stared at me as if to say, "What? Did I do something wrong?"

So I scoop him up and tell Jon I found him and that I was going to throw him in a tub of water for scaring me (which I didn't do).

We went inside and I had a long talk with my kitty about why he is indoors and some cats are outdoors.

That Darn Cat.
He's upside down swatting at my light saber


Carmen Eckard said...

jon said "she was so precious and pitiful. i wanted to hug her." :)
i'm glad you found him. every time he's ever fun from me, that's where he goes...

Allison said...

Awe.. Tell him thanks for me..

We hanging out Saturday?

Joan said...

We had a similar experience this summer. It turns out Chloe was in the garage but those few minutes of the unknown made me almost throw up.
I'm glad the guy is safe.

Allison said...

Awe, poor Catherine! I bet she was scared.