Wednesday, January 09, 2008

What I've been up to the past few days..

I've been so unmotivated to blog, but I am doing it now!!

Let's see.. last Thursday and Friday I worked all day at both my jobs.
Saturday I spent the day painting my dresser black, with a lot of help from Carmen. We had to sand it, spray paint it (yes, spray paint!), and then polyurethane it. It looks good though. Now my dresser and bed match! Yay!

Saturday night Carmen and I went out to a few different bars to see what the karaoke scene is like, since she'll be hosting karaoke at McGuire's Pub on Saturdays now. We started out at McGuire's, then went over to Randolph's, where all I heard all night was country music. Carmen sang a few songs, and then her, me, and this girl named Bonnie got up and sang "Bohemian Rhapsody". It was uber-melodious (in a not-so-much sort of way). After that we headed over to Fandango's, a little bar in Longview. Once we got there, they told us it was a $5.00 cover charge, so we left. Despite all these complaints, it was a really fun girl's night out. I drank 4 Rum & Diet Cokes. Just 4 little bitty drinks. Wasn't even that drunk. But still....

... I spent all day on Sunday with a hangover. Sheesh. I can't even drink 4 little drinks anymore without getting hungover. I'm old. And also, my Buccaneers lost their playoff game, meaning this is their 6th straight season with no playoff wins. :(

Sunday night I drove down to my mom's and Monday I spent all day at the hospital with her and in the waiting room while she had shoulder surgery. I got a lot of reading done and was exhausted by the time I headed home at 9:00. Her surgery went well though.

Tuesday I put my GPS skills to work and then last night was date night. We went to Carrabba's (YUMMY) and watched a movie at home.

And here's the big news:

I sewed a button on my pants last night with very very little help from anyone (Jared threaded the needle for me).

Yay me!

I will blogging later about the new cat in my life.

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