Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Meatwad's Twin

As I was reading some Popsugar the other day, I happened to notice that one of the ads featured a very handsome kitty cat. This cat could be Meatwad's twin!


Compare to my Meatwad:
awesers! sheets on my cat.

He even has the same eyegoop stuff.

Maybe it's one of Meatwad's siblings from the Catawba animal shelter.


Joan said...

You got him from the animal shelter? He's a very lucky cat to be in such a good home. I guess he wasn't as pampered in his early days like Beefcake.

Katie Bonk said...

Meatwad was a Maiden kitty- He's ghetto!
That does look just like him!

Allison said...

Yep, Meatwad wasn't the pampered little prince that Beefcake was. He was a five week old fireball when I got him and he was mean as a snake until Beefcake came along and calmed him down. They make a good team.