Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Repeater. Yea.. The Repeater.

Have you ever worked with that guy? You know the one. The guy who repeats everything he says, sometimes more than once?

In one of my many offices I work with a guy, and we'll call him Bobby. On a certain day every week I am subjected to Bobby all day. As in, I walk in the office, and we head out to spend the day side by side working, until time to leave.

Bobby is a repeater. This bothers me to no end.

Here are a few examples of how Bobby speaks to me:
"Yea, the wind almost knocked me over yesterday."
-I don't reply because I'm waiting to see.. and sure enough:
"Yea, that wind almost knocked me over."

"Sometimes I just don't have the energy"
"Yea... I just don't have the energy"

"I had to call the city to come pick me up because I ran out of gas yesterday."
-me: "Oh yea?"
"Yea, I ran out of gas and had to call the city."

He doesn't repeat exactly what was said in the first sentence, but the point is repeated nonetheless.

Seriously, Bobby? I got it. Okay? When you told me the first time? I heard you. Then, the second time, I nodded. The third time? Okay, enough already.

Have you ever known a repeating Bobby?

I guess it's better than having to listen to Van Halen.


Joan said...

My daughter does that if I don't acknowledge her after she makes a statement.
What gets on my nerves are the people who want to tell you every detail of their day to day life and their family's. I really don't care!

Michelle said...

heh heh.. :) I think I know THIS Repeating Bobby... Sounds pretty familiar.
I started listening to music on my computer, but he was good-natured enough for me to try to ignore it. Most days, anyway.

Allison said...

damn, michelle, you are good. and you're right.

Katie Bonk said...

I don't think I've never known one of those- sounds annoying!
Yea, sounds annoying, but I don't think I've ever known anyone like that.

Carmen Eckard said...

i don't know anyone like that, thank god. however, i do tell you the same thing several times sometimes...but that's just cause i forgot that i told you. big mac hung out at my house last night cause you weren't happy. cheddar=not happy. he seemed fine with the name big mac.

and while i love to open my packages...chris hooked it all up, and that was hard, so i'm cool with it.

Carmen Eckard said...

let's fix this sentence:" big mac hung out at my house last night cause you weren't happy. cheddar=not happy. he seemed fine with the name big mac."

dude hung out at my house cause you weren't there, not cause you weren't happy. that doesn't make sense. is there no way to edit comments anymore?