Wednesday, January 18, 2006

bippity blahpitty poo.

i really really want to buy the condo. the first one i looked at. i like it a lot. and i want to decorate it with maps and stars and pirates. i'm thinking pirates for the bathroom. yea. i also want to buy a guitar, and get a doggie, and go to the cayman islands, and go to florida. so much stuff to do, so much money to spend. how will i pull it all off? hopefully my tax refund will be the shit. just waiting on my brush W-2. oh and i also want a new bed. the one i have is decent and super comfy, but it's getting old, and it's just not grown up. i'm an adult now and deserve an adult bed. here's a really nice one for only $400. when i move i want to paint all of my crappy old bedroom furniture.
had a great weekend i must say. so many people came to visit me! that includes sam, b, mandy, james, and sarah. played poker and taboo. got plenty of sleep, made some good money at the brush. speaking of that, i'm still 980 dollars away from my goal. and i want to stay til i reach that. especially if i'm going to be buying a condo, i'll need extra cash. oh, and dustin may actually be working at the brush again. that ought to provide me with a little entertainment.. i wonder if i can make him jealous and cause him to pay attention to me.. or maybe he'll just read this blog and decide to pay attention to me.. eh, either way.

oh! and on Monday guess who randomly decided to im me? guess!!! i said guess! i'm not going to tell you! ok. ok. i will, it was dr. boone. he decided to be cool and be nice and we actually caught up a little and were very civil. i didn't get mad at anything he said, and i don't think he got mad at anything i said. so that's good. it's nice to be able to be friends with someone who BROKE YOUR HEART. but then again, i'm becoming friends again with my ex beau adam p.p., who was my actual first love. and i think we'll be playing spades with the phaups sometime soon! woohoo!!

i'd just like to say for the record, i LOVE johnny depp. i'm sure you know this by now. i think he is one of the best looking if not THE best looking man on the planet. but i just saw pictures of him at the golden globes.. and he is looking.. well.. scruffy:
Image hosted by
i'm so sad about that. ah well. he's still sexy.


Katie said...

He does look a bit scruffy in the picture, but I was watching the red carpet show, and he was very pretty. His woman, on the other hand, could use some dental work...

Allison said...

well, she's french, what can you expect? hahah! and thanks, i didn't get to watch the red carpet. mainly because i forgot.

phaupster said...

it's like he's trying to look simultaneously like a pirate, and a crazy candy maker, and a ghoulish cartoon. Or, he's weird.

And I can't wait to hear all the stories about Sagebrush. You're gonna have Matt and Dustin in the same room all the time. Ha! Fun times await.